Get A Fast Cash Offer & Skip The Realtor Headache

Fast Cash Offer

Can a fast cash offer be better for you than a traditional real estate sale?

It depends on your situation…

A few months ago I did a short video with Lily when we were at the title company. Lily’s mother had left her a house that — and unfortunately this happens — was in pretty bad shape. A traditional buyer like a realtor wouldn’t touch a house like Lily’s until it was fixed up.

I call this the realtor headache.

Now don’t get me wrong, realtors are usually great people trying to help out homeowners just like you. I’ve sold with a realtor before. What I learned long ago was that it’s a good process if you have the time, equity in the house, and it’s in good condition.

If you’re not in this situation, then I don’t think you’ll find a realtor to be much help..

What is the realtor headache?

Below is the video of Lily and I at the title company.

Lily was in a tough spot after her mom passed away. She was stuck with an old house that needed more repairs than you could shake a stick at. Lily didn’t have the time, money, or energy. She wanted to sell the home and sell fast. A traditional realtor is going to demand a lot from you before your house can sell. This can be painful for homeowners who can’t afford the traditional process.

Let’s take a look at what a homeowner goes through to sell a home with a realtor.

    • Step 1: You hire a real estate agent to list your home.
    • Step 2: You get your home ready for the sale.
    • Step 3: Buyers contact your agent and ask to see the home or to make an offer.
    • Step 4: You show the house to potential buyers.
    • Step 5: You get offers on your home.
    • Step 6: You negotiate and choose the best offer.
    • Step 7: Appraisers and inspectors come to look at your home.
    • Step 8: The buyer moves to close the house.
    • Step 9: You wait for the buyer to get financing.
    • Step 10: Your home eventually sells.

Now the process is a lot more complicated than this, but here’s an idea of just what it will take to sell a home. Guess how long this can take for a homeowner? That’s right, anywhere from 1 month to 6 months or more.

The realtor headache is the time, money, and energy needed to sell a distressed home.

If Lily had planned on selling her home with a traditional realtor, she would have needed to do three things:

    1. Wait months trying to sell the home.
    2. Spend thousands of dollars fixing the home.
    3. Waste her time working with contractors, inspectors, and potential buyers.

Whew! What a pain.

When should I skip the realtor and get a Fast Cash Offer?

Sometimes a realtor is a right way to sell. But when it isn’t, you’ll know. That realtor headache is going to give you a good idea that you need another option. I started Clean Slate Homes (CSH) to help give Texans another way to sell their homes.

When to consider a Fast Cash Offer?

If you have any of the problems below with your home, it’s time to consider a fast cash offer:

    • Trashed or damaged home
    • Behind on payments
    • Owe more than the house is worth
    • Need to sell quickly
    • You can’t afford closing costs, commissions, fees, and repairs
    • The home is going to be foreclosed
    • Considering bankruptcy
    • You have inherited a home in probate

Remember, a realtor is going to take you through the traditional home selling process we talked about above. For many people, this is fine. But, when your home is distressed, the traditional process just won’t work.

Don’t get stuck with a realtor headache!

What can you do for me and my family?

Here at Clean Slate Homes, we believe that you are more than just a sale. First, I want you to know that you’ll be taken care of right from the very start. When I visit you and your family, we’ll sit down and talk honestly about your home, your situation, and what you need to move on. I will go the extra mile to make sure you receive the best support and the best offer.

Because you are selling to me, a real estate investor, you can be sure that you’ll get a fast cash offer on your home. Here’s what you can expect.

    • Offer within 24 hours
    • No showing
    • No appraisals or inspections
    • CSH is the buyer
    • Cash upfront
    • Close in as few as 3 days
    • Zero closing costs

This means that you don’t have to worry about the time, money, and energy it takes to sell your home with a realtor. Best of all, that offer you get is a no-obligation offer. No need to worry about any high-pressure sales tactics. We don’t do that here at Clean Slate Homes.

The Clean Slate Homes Fast Cash Offer

“We spent months on the market working with buyers. The deals fell through. We spent thousands of dollars on fees and most importantly, wasted our time. We couldn’t move on with our lives because we were stuck with this house.” – Tom

If this sounds like you, call me. I believe that every homeowner should be able to sell their home when and how they want. Hassle free. No headache. No problems.

I want to promise you that the days of worrying about selling your home are almost over.

    • Is your home in bad shape? We buy houses as-is and expect to make repairs – no problem.
    • Do you owe more than your home is worth? We can negotiate with banks – no problem.
    • Need to sell fast? We can close fast with cash – no problem.
    • Do you need cash for your home? No problem.

I’ve helped Tom, Lily, and several others sell their homes and move on with their lives. And I can help you!

If you can’t sell with a realtor than make get a fast cash offer with no obligations from Clean Slate Homes.

You won’t have to worry about any fees, inspections, bank problems, or qualifications of any kind. We can help you get out of a tough situation and on with your life — and with cash in hand. Just like I did with Lily, you’ll be able to sell your distressed home in under two weeks.

Have any questions about if a fast cash offer is right for you?  Leave them below!

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