Life Event Like Divorce or Relocation

Life events, such as divorce or work relocation, can happen and leave us with a sense of panic.  Regardless of the situation, we can help!

How To Sell A House During Divorce

While the divorce process is typically tough, it may be the smartest time to sell your house for both personal and financial reasons.  First, the profit gained from the sale can help provide a foundation for each spouse to start fresh.  Also, the monies from the sale can help provide each party with means to pay off other financial responsibilities.  Finally, trying to make repairs & pay holding costs after the divorce may be unaffordable and lead to bad financial consequences.

A couple of questions to consider prior to selling your house:

  • Does the house need work before it is ready to sell? Discuss what you will need to do and who will pay for it.
  • Will one spouse continue to live in the home? Decide if the residing spouse will pay the entirety of the mortgage and price of upkeep, or what the non-residing spouse will contribute.
  • Who will be responsible for preparations for sale and showing the house? Discuss who will be present for showings, or if the agent will handle everything in this regard.

Many couples in the process of a divorce don’t want to fix up a house, pay holding costs, show the house, manage appraisals & inspections, wait months for a buyer and all the other hassles involved in selling a house.  If you’re in this situation and would just like to sell the house quickly in the condition it’s in without commissions, fees, and repairs, then we can help!

How to sell your house during a divorce
My experience was wonderful. I was about to lose my house and Nancy came to my help and bought my property and saved my home.– Cheryl Brown House Seller

Work Relocation

It happens… you have a job and they want to transfer you elsewhere quickly.  It’s more money and a great opportunity, but what do you do with your house?

In a perfect world, your house is in perfect condition, you can hire a realtor to show the house, and it will sell quickly (in 4-6 months).

However, the world isn’t perfect.  Trying to make repairs, keep the lawn maintained, schedule showings, etc… from a different city or state is very tough and stressful.

If you’d like to sell the house fast without paying commissions, fees, or having to make any repairs, we can help!

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