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In some situations, time is money, and while selling quickly may provide a perfect solution to any financial troubles you are experiencing, selling an ugly, damaged house in its current condition may seem impossible.

The truth is selling an ugly, damaged house without making repairs will be very challenging (especially if you inherited it, owe more than the house is worth, plan on using a realtor, or are facing foreclosure).

Fortunately, if you are in a hurry, you can always sell your house (no matter the condition) to a company like ours.

If your situation dictates a fast sale without investing in making repairs, then contacting a company like Clean Slate Homes makes sense, since we can offer you a fair, fast offer for your property in its current condition and close in as little as 7 days!

how to sell an ugly damaged house fast in texas
I was drowning with taxes and a mortgage payment…Nancy shows up and this miracle started. It’s just been more of a miracle every single day because she’s made it possible for me to see daylight. I thought that I was going to be drowning and under water..I couldn’t see my way out of it. She’s made that possible.– Jacquelyn Banks House Seller

Yes, that is absolutely right!

You can sell any home, no matter if it’s an ugly, damaged house, quickly and without any significant losses to your bottom line. Whereas most consumers are looking for a house they can immediately move in to, we exist to take your ‘unfinished property’ off of your hands. Clean Slate Homes does not care about the visual appeal of you home.

The things we are most interested in are the location, transport availability, total space, and the overall potential of your building. Damaged Roof, uneven foundation, cluttered spaces, rodent infestation, odor issues, ugly carpeting, peeling paint, or shaky banisters make no difference to us at all.

However, the disadvantage of looking for a client who would like to do all of the repairs / engineering / decorations on their own is that it generally takes time & money. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with greedy and dishonest contractors. Thus, you have two options here – either to try and make your house look nice or do nothing and sell your property to us.

Selling an Ugly Damaged House to Clean Slate Homes has a set of undeniable advantages

Fast deals – Just like you, we appreciates the value of time. If you get in touch with us, you have a good chance of selling your house within several days. The longest you might have to wait is a week.
Flexible payments – Different from selling a house to an end-buyer, you will have a wide range of payment options to choose from. It can be a bank transfer, funds, assets, scheduled and pre-scheduled cash transactions – basically any terms you agree upon. It would be hard to disagree that a company has more payment options in comparison to an individual.

Sell In Current Condition – We are open to all home conditions. We have had roach houses, rat houses, extremely cluttered houses, crooked houses, and even nick-named one “El Diablo”. We have fun taking on any and all projects.

Cash transactions – This is a perfect opportunity for people in sticky situations or for people who are in a rush to move.

Taking care of your mortgage – Clean Slate Homes could potentially buy your house subject to the existing loan. This means that we can take over your mortgage and make these payments on your behalf and therefore improve you credit score.

Minimal participation from your part – In most cases, you won’t have to come out of pocket or do anything to sell your ugly damaged homes.  We can buy it fast for cash in its current condition.  You just choose the date you want to close at a Title Office.

Here, at Clean Slate Homes, we are happy to offer you a helping hand any time you need to sell, even if it’s an ugly, damaged house. Our team will evaluate your property and come up with an ideal solution, tailored for your particular needs.

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