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If you’re in a situation where you need to sell your home fast, Clean Slate Homes can help.  We can make you a fast, fair cash offer to buy your house, as-is, without having to pay for repairs, commissions, or closing costs!

How To Sell Your Home Fast With Clean Slate Homes

The members of Clean Slate Homes have participated in the successful transactions of several home sales across the great state of Texas.  In many cases, these homes would be deemed ‘unsellable‘ due to their conditions:

We’re able to help you sell your home fast in these situations because we ARE the buyers and we BUY with cash.

Clean Slate Homes Will Buy Your House

We specialize in buying houses in non-traditional ways.

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Avoid The Money Monster

If your house is in bad conditionuneven foundation, ugly carpet and paint, leaky roofwe will buy it because we’re used to making repairs to houses.  We’ll help you avoid the Money Monster – that guy that keeps eating up your money (and time) with repair after repair after repair in hopes of getting an appraiser to say your house is up to code.

If you owe more than your house is worth – we will negotiate with the bank to buy your house.  We have the skill set to negotiate and the funding to offer a quick cash sale to the bank without you having to come out of pocket!

If you need to sell your house fast and your house is in pretty good shape, but you can’t afford to make any minor repairs or pay commissions & closing costs – we can still buy your house!

While realtors utilize ONE simple strategy – the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we are able to utilize many strategies to buy houses faster – especially since we ARE the Buyers!

What Does ‘Buy With Cash’ Mean?

In some cases, especially with an old house that needs lots of repairs, an all-cash sale is the only way to sell it.

But what does a cash sale mean?

It means that you are able to sell your home fast to us because we will not be getting a mortgage from the bank.

Dealing with banks is long and can be frustrating.  When I was trying to buy a home for myself a few years ago, I went thru the mortgage process.  Despite being pre-qualified, I was ultimately denied a mortgage because my salary had increased by too high a percent year over year.

Makes no sense, right?

The bank wasted my time and the homeowners’ time – 2 months – only to not write the loan.

When you need to sell a home fast, we will buy it without relying on a bank mortgage.  Instead, we use cash to fund deals.  Because we use cash and we expect to make repairs, once we decide to purchase, we can close FAST.

More Than Just Another Offer

To many ‘We Buy Houses’ companies, you’re just a number – a simple means to an end.  At Clean Slate Homes, our mission is to help people to not only get out of a bad situation, but position them so they can get into a better one.  Here’s a video I shot recently of a family I helped not only sell their home fast, but worked with the bank to improve their credit (so they could rent a nice place) and even helped them organize 45 years worth of… stuff so they would be more comfortable in their new environment.


Like the family in the video, we’ll make sure that you get a new beginning, a new life.

Start fresh, start clean.

That’s why I named our company Clean Slate Homes.


We Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

avoid foreclosure
We’ll give you the helping hand to avoid foreclosure.

The foreclosure process in Texas is FAST – only 4 months. The speed of foreclosure may make you feel that your situation is hopeless.

The biggest mistake you can make in the foreclosure process is doing nothing.  If you just sit back and let the foreclosure process take place, you’ll be putting yourself in a horrible financial, credit, and tax situation for years to come.

Let’s say, for example, you owe $200,000 on your house.  The house sells at auction for $120,000.  The bank may still sue you for the difference of $80,000!

In addition, it may send a 1099 Form to the IRS showing the difference as “income”… and you could be TAXED on that $80,000.

Finally, your credit score will take a hit (on average 200-300 points).  Your insurance rates will probably increase, you’ll have a tough time renting a nice place or getting a car loan for the next decade, and you may not be eligible for certain Federal Job opportunities.

If you’re looking to avoid foreclosure, then a traditional sale to a Realtor probably won’t work.  This is because finding a qualified buyer takes a great deal of time.

However, working with an experienced group of investors can help you sell your home fast and avoid foreclosure.  The reason is that we can buy your home with cash and can close in as quick as 3 days!

Sell Your Home FAST With Clean Slate Homes

Some reasons for you to sell your home fast to us include:

  • Creative programs available to help you sell your home fast – no matter the situation
  • Cash Offers – can close in as little as 7 days!
  • No Realtors, commissions, fees for inspections, appraisals, repairs, closing costs, etc…
  • We can also take over your payments for you
  • Divorce, Health Problems, Probate, Bankruptcy, Out-Of-State Sellers, we’ve done it all and can guide you through this…
  • No Equity?  No Problem!  We can help.
  • We can negotiate your mortgage loan if you owe more than your house is worth

At Clean Slate Homes, we promise to do what’s best for the homeowner FIRST and make the best offer for your unique situation, so you can wipe the slate clean and focus on that which is most important.


But we cannot help you if you don’t contact us first!

Sell Your Home Fast
Sell Your Home Fast
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Sell your home fast, as-is, for a fair price, without having to come out of pocket for expenses or closing costs.