Is a Quick Cash Offer For My House Really A Good Idea?

Every day, customers call me with one big question on their mind: “Should I get a cash offer for my house?” It’s an important question to ask. You’d be surprised just how many people don’t know they can get a no-cost, no-obligation cash offer for their home.

Today we’ll talk about the benefits of a cash offer (especially if you need to sell your house fast), why you might need one, and how to go about the process.

What are the reasons people ask for a cash quick offer?

Below is a quick video I shot answering the question.

I speak with families all the time who can’t sell their home through the traditional path. Often they just don’t have the time or money to go through the lengthy process: getting the home appraised, fixing important problems, marketing the home, showing the home, finding a buyer, working with a home inspector, negotiating, working with the banks, and closing.

The process can take months or even years depending on the home.

When I wanted to buy a home years ago I had a problem with the bank. I’m my video, I talk about how the bank pulled the loan for the house three days before closing. I had made more money the year before and because of underwriting, they decided I wasn’t a good candidate for the loan. The worst part is that the seller had come along for the ride — an extra three to four months. Unfortunately, things like this happen, and a home sale can take more time than anyone expects.

There are many reasons why a quick cash offer might be the best road. When I sit down with my customers, they often tell me they are concerned the house won’t sell well on the market. Sometimes, the house isn’t in the best of shape (this happens more than you might think). Other customers say that family or financial reasons cause them to sell the home quickly.

Here are the five main reasons my customers take a cash offer:

    1. The house is damaged or ugly.
    2. We’ve inherited a house we don’t want.
    3. The bank wants to foreclose us.
    4. I am moving for work or because of a divorce.
    5. I owe more than the house is worth.

What are the advantages of a cash offer for my house?

Close quickly

There are a number of good reasons to get a cash offer. The first is time. I’ve had customers who were able to close on the home in seven days. Now, most deals don’t close that quickly, but when you need to close fast, we can. What makes this process go so quickly is that we are buying your house, not reselling it.   

No out of pocket costs

When you sell your house to us, you don’t pay any fees or out-of-pocket costs to sell the home. This means that you don’t pay any commissions, inspection fees, appraisal fees, repair costs, or any other costs associated with selling a home. Period. These costs often add up to thousands of extra dollars, which you don’t have to worry about.

No showing

When you sell to us the house isn’t on the market. You don’t have to clean the house, make repairs, show the house, and try to convince a buyer. You can sell the house as-is, without an inspection.

I need a quick cash offer. How do we get started?

The first thing I recommend is to contact me. You can call me any time at 877-898-3383. You can also fill out this short form and I will be in touch with you within 24 hours. I’ll work with you to schedule a time that is convenient for you to meet. My customers often have me come to their homes to see the house and to speak more about their options. Don’t worry about cleaning up, you can sell the home as-is. After our meeting, you’ll have a free cash offer in just 24 hours.

What paperwork do I need for our meeting?

I recommend my customers get the property information together. Here’s a handy list that will help speed up the process:

    • Original sales contract
    • Mortgage statement
    • Homeowners insurance records
    • Homeowners association (HOA) documents
    • Home repair and maintenance records
    • Receipts for improvements
    • Manuals and warranties
    • Past utility bills

What happens after you send me a cash offer?

You’re under no obligation to sell after you receive an offer. I believe strongly that selling a home should be as easy and hassle-free as possible. No pressure. Take the time you need to consider whether a cash offer is right for your home. You can contact me any time with questions about your home or the cash offer.

I’ll take the offer. What happens now?

Great! When you are ready, reach out to me and we will get the process started.   

The next step is to meet again. We will go over the process and discuss your schedule and your needs. Usually, my customers sign a contract within the month for me to buy the house. After that, we set a closing date that works for you. We will then work closely with a reputable title company to arrange earnest payments. During this time my customers usually begin to clear out any personal belongings from the home. After this, we meet at the title company on the day that works best. We sign the contract and then the title company wires the agreed-upon cash amount to your account.

Summary:  Is a quick cash offer for my house really a good idea?

Depending on your situation, a cash offer might be the best way for you to sell your house and to move on with your life. I’ve worked with many different customers since starting Clean Slate Homes, and while the situations are often difficult, we always work out a cash offer that meets your needs. I highly encourage you to reach out to me if you are considering a cash offer. I’m just a quick call away!


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